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How to Create a Budget

Last updated on January 14, 2022

To create a budget for an ERG, you must be a Program Manager (to manage your program managers, please contact your Verbate Support Manager).

Once a budget has been created, your ERGs can submit expenses against them. Once expenses have been submitted, you can review them for approval in the Expenses for Review tab.

To create a budget,

  1. Head to the Budgets tab in the navigation bar
  1. Click β€œ+ Add New”
  1. Select the ERG the budget is designated for
  1. Choose the window of time the budget is relevant for
    1. Quarter / Half / Ad Hoc - you can either designate a quarter, half year, or full year for the budget to apply to. If the budget has a more specific purpose, select Ad Hoc. When Ad Hoc is selected, another text box will be presented to provide an Ad Hoc budget purpose.
    2. Year - select the year that this budget is designated for
  1. Select the Amount of the budget
  1. Click β€œSave”

Once saved, your budget will now show up in your Budgets tab as well as in the ERG’s Budget tab. The budget tab is only visible to ERG Leads and Program Managers.

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