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How to Add a Goal

Last updated on January 14, 2022

Goals can be managed within an ERGโ€™s page. To add a Goal,

  1. Click โ€œ+ Add Newโ€ in the Goal Tracker table
  1. Provide the relevant and required details of your goal.
    1. A few notes when building your goals:
      1. A goal can be shared by multiple ERGs
      2. A goal does not need to adhere to a year or quarter if itโ€™s evergreen
      3. The โ€œ4C Categoryโ€ reflects the 4C Framework that we detail in this Knowledge Center article. If you want to reflect a company value or another type of goal, enter that into the Other Impact Category section.
  1. Once your goal is complete, click โ€œSaveโ€

Once your goal has been created, it will show up in the Goal Tracker.

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